3D Lenticular Printing Rules

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3D Lenticular printing is the most complex printing type regarding to commercial printing. Because it needs a lot of calculation and correction of alignment while printing material. Lenticular printing calls as lenticular because of material. It has its own material to feel effect.

It named as Lenticular material. There ara a lot of different kind of material for 3D Lenticular application. The hardest thing is the decision of choosing right lenticular material according to project. But no worry about it because 3D Adworks will determine the correct lenticular material for your project.

Before printing visual pitch of the lens must be determined by printer company. It can be various for each printer device. It is different than factory pitch. But it will be close the factory pitch value. After determine the correct pitch, designer should use this value in lenticular design.  Because design get shape according to visual pitch.

If you can’t determine the correct pitch value, you will never get a acceptable lenticular products. After this procedure, you have to align lenticular material to your printer. This step may change for every printer.

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