What is 3d Lenticular?Lenticular print may described as a unique prepare design which permit viewing different images at different angles when joined them with the lenticular lens. Junction graphics is a combination of two or more images. Lenticular material is a sheet of plastic .This lenticular lens must be great aligned to the images.
Your view angle depends on each lenticular works as perfect red-blue glass. It has able to zoom a piece of under the graphics . The whole things give effect to image how we want. Changing the angle of viewing reasons changing of images under the lenses. It gives a perfect 3d effect of motion or depth.


If lenses are perpendicular to your eyes each eye will see different image, and than eyes will be able to see this effects.

Begining Process

Pitch Test

It is necessary for the exact determination of the encoding step. Lenticular lens step in LPI could slightly change in different lots. Temperature in the room and other factors influence on characteristics of the lenticular material. Besides, the encoding step depends on printer’s characteristics and kind of paper. That is why it is recomended to execute pitch-test everytime when you work with new lots of lenticular sheets. Pitch-test allows exact encoding step, which provides the best result, to be defined. Derived value is used when encoding images for lenticular sheets from tested lot.

Flat-bed Printing

Flatbed printing can be used in lenticular printing. A good flatbed printer can provide 2400DPI printing resolution and some model can use pigment ink that can do printing directly on lens without coating. You may need to add coating on plastic sheet before printing using flat-bed printers. Please refer to the flat-bed printer and the ink. Usually, the flat bed printing is suitable for lens 10LPI – 50LPI (some good quality flat bed printers may works on 75LPI lens too).


Ink-Jet Printing

Ink-Jet Printing is commonly used in lenticular poster size job. Almost all the ink-jet printer with 1200DPI printing resolution can be used. Usually, the ink-jet printing is used for lens from 10LPI to 50LPI only. It is not suitable for lens 75LPI or higher.