The first step in lenticular design is to decide about the right lenticular effect corresponding with the marketing idea. There are five base effects: flip,3D depth, animation , flip, zoom and morphing. Each one needs special and seperate graphic designs. You can find out below in the samples what you wonder about samples.



Flip is a fast change between two or three images. The difference between animation and flip is that flip can include totally different images.They are not sequent images as animation effect. This effect is perfect to show ‘before and after’ situation.The marketing idea has to base to show before and after concepts. The best effect might be using two images to get focus. But the main problem is here ghost effects. But you dont have to care about it with our proffesional graphic designer.

flip_otoparca       flip_lady      flip_hamburger      flip_carclear


Animation is a series of images.They have to be sequent images. The main thing of animation is that these images have to be similar to each other. The number of sequent images must be between 5 or 20 images. Less or more not preferable for 3d Animation effect.

animation-fon       animation-car       animation-cafe       animation-camera

deep effect-3d

All objects based on layers in a special way to design according to perspective. Designer has to use feeling and real life experiences in the design.. There are four ways of getting 3D image. Layering, 2D to 3D conversion that calls digital convert, rendering 3D images by using 3D software like 3D max, Maya,Autocad or Lightwave, or special photography.

lenticular_3D       3d-alice       3d-lunanueva_dvd_lenticular       3d-vodka


Zoom convergence means. The impact of one or several objects get close to running out out if they can give away. Products logos or messages, this effect is important can be used.

zoom_road2      zoom-dvd       kayak       zoom-ginvit


This is an effect of ‘smooth’ transformation of one object into another. It is a combination of animationand flip effect. It is perfect for showing the changing of an object or people in time. In this case you can only explain one event.