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3D Lenticuler advertisement is so successful in cineme sector. Trend is 3D films in cinema sector. 3D Lenticular posters will bring people to watch 3D films. Its amazing and exciting. Designer might be more creative by 3D Lenticular and 3D Lenticular effects. 3D Lenticular products will carry you to the success.

Have you ever seen any 3D Lenticular products in cinema ? I think most of you havent it. Can you imagine how effect the people when you see the 3D poster of film. And you are able to watch this film by 3D. Every 3D film must have their own 3D posters. Otherwise it won’t be effective for producer. And people dont realize the magic of film.As you see in spiderman poster , It is only digital printing and its so thin.  It is not kind of display system. At the same time thickness is 3,8 mm. So it is available for backlit posters.

3D Lenticular products is more popular all over the world. Speacially Russia, England and China. But We, Boran Reklam, leading this technology to world from Turkey. Special designer and high resulation printing machine help you to provide high quality service.


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