Lenticular technology let you to stand out from your opponet and make the best use of your printing equipment. Boran reklam will comes with everything sensitive in order to create effective images with 3D effect.

• Produce visual applications that are more appealing due to their surprising motion, animation, depth and 3D effects.
• Difference yourself from opponets with a new technology that will make your printing jobs more attractive.
• Profit margin rise up.

EFFECT: Lenticular Products more effective than traditional products. It effects people 5 times than static advertisements. So you can effect your customer on the positive way.

PRESTIGE: Competition is the most important thing nowadays for companies and foundations. First imprint has to be uniqe for your customer.At this moment Lenticular products help to you to feel difference for your customer.

DIFFERENCE: Lenticular products are so different from traditional advertisement products. So it will be uniqe and different in the marketing area.

According to Survey that made in USA;
The rate of interest in lenticular products 96%.
The rate of reading advertisement that give by lenticular products 91%
The rtte of rise up company’s popularity with lenticular products 62 %