Camera of Curiosity is not good as iPhone 4 cameras.

Believe or not, iPhone 4 has better camera than curiosity that is sent to Mars. Curiosity land to Mars on 7th of August in 2012.

When it take off to Mars, eve this technology it wasn’t realised in the world. Commercial mobile phones was able to take only 1 Mp. pictures. But nowadays phone cameras reach to 16 Mp.  Even they are able to record 1080p HD videos :

According to a interview, ” Curiosity’s design is finished in 2004 and they weren’t able to change cameras after they finished the project.At these days 2 Mp. camera and 8 gb. data store wasn’t that much bad feature. But we can’t judge technology  that is involved in 2004.


How ever this project is completed for a long time ago. So they should use these kind of technology in the past. Curiosity sent to mars successfully. After it land, photos is started to send to world.

With these photos they get first 360 degree 3D Panoramic picture of Mars. Maybe we can create 3D Lenticular poster of Mars one day.

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