3D Lenticular Printing Rules

3D Lenticular printing is the most complex printing type regarding to commercial printing. Because it needs a lot of calculation and correction of alignment while printing material. Lenticular printing calls as lenticular because of material. It has its own material to feel effect.

3D Lenticular Zoom Effect

Move forward your logo and motto to take place in people memory. It is the most important things logo and brand name for company. Company has to care about them. The famous companies remembered by logo and their brands. Nowadays most of them figure out to  move forward their name by 3D Lenticular Zoom effect. 

3D Lenticular Printing

3D Lenticular Printing will able to have  effecitive advertisement by 3D Lenticular/ 3D printing system. Your products might be marked products in your sector by using 3D Lenticular printing solutions.3D Lenticular advertisement is 5 times more effective than traditional advertisement according the scientific investigation. 3D Lenticular/ 3D printing system is the most useful and effective advertisement…